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What happens when I’m arrested for DUI and what do I do first?

Your license will be suspended for 90 days; you will be eligible for a restricted license after 30 days. Before the Louisiana DMV will reinstate your license or issue you a restricted license, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on any vehicles you drive, pay a license reinstatement fee and to possibly to file an SR22 form with the DMV showing proof of financial responsibility in the form of a Louisiana SR-22 insurance policy. You only have 15 days from the date of your arrest in which to request an administrative hearing with the Louisiana DMV if you wish to retain your driving privileges and try to avoid having your license suspended.

How does the Interlock work?

An Ignition Interlock will analyze a breath sample for alcohol content after you blow into the device. If no alcohol is present, the device will allow the starter circuit to be completed allowing your vehicle to start. If alcohol is present, it will prevent your vehicle from starting.

Can I drive a vehicle without an Interlock?

No. Any vehicle that you drive with a Restricted License due to a DUI must have an ignition interlock installed prior to driving it.

Do I have to stop drinking altogether?

The interlock device was created to prevent people from drinking and driving with the goal of creating new habits in order to prevent future incidents involving drinking and driving. The short answer is no, you don’t have to stop drinking although it is highly encouraged and most programs involving District Attorneys offices have strict no-alcohol policies while in their programs. If you do consume any products containing alcohol, however, the device will prevent you from starting your vehicle and will eventually lock you out altogether requiring additional services and money.

How much does the interlock cost?

The cost of your interlock will consist of three parts: Installation, Calibration and Removal. If you research it, you will find that Ride Smart is the most competitive and flexible of any ignition interlock installation company. We will match or beat any competitor’s breathalyzer price. How? We own our devices and we do our own installations. We also offer flexible payment plans designed to fit your needs whether you need an interlock in Baton Rouge or an interlock in Lafayette or an interlock in Covington.

Can someone else drive my car?

Yes, however, the driver will have to blow into the device so that alcohol content can be measured and their test results are your test results so it is not advised!!

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